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but imagine melkor when sauron joins him in the void:

"you were defeated by hobbits"

[sauron] …. “shut up”


listen, I’m moving to the other end of the country tomorrow,  I’ll start a new school and will live away from my parents, properly, for the first time. I will start looking for a job as soon as I’m settled and know about my school schedule and such. Till then I would very much like to work on commissions, since I can do this anywhere independently. If you’re interested, here’s the info on it, and just shoot me a message?

if anyone wants awesome drawn stuff, kindly commission my beloved Sparkle? her father told her she has to use the money she was actually saving up to go to HobbitCon for food and stuff, sooo it would be nice of all of you to go to her comission page :D


es gibt nichts schlimmeres als in einem anderen bundesland am bäcker zu stehen und nicht zu wissen, was sie hier zu brötchen sagen

schlimmer: Berliner? Pfannkuchen? oder doch Krapfen? und was ist gleich nochmal Stuten, und warum nennen die die Milchbrötchen hier süße Brötchen?

is there a rule that human males are especially whiny when they’re sick or “feel the cold approaching”

because I have one currently sitting on the couch whining about how much his throat hurts and that he needs chicken soup

(which he’ll want to feed me once I tell him that my throat hurts too, wonder oh wonder)

there is this show called “No Kitchen Required” with three chefs contesting against each other and one of them is a Kiwi and he really looks like somebody smashed together Kíli and Fíli and gave him the Kiwi accent of Dean

don’t believe me?

potootagath asked
Tearoom!AU. You are the owner of a cute little tearoom where tea is served with exquisite chocolate. It's a nice place. Sparkle is a regular, or maybe even work there with you.

Sparkle is the regular that I try to get in my bed by serving her the best chocolate for free and always make a little chocolate heart in the milk froth on her coffee/tea

yes good, I want that AU for me right now xD

as I have to work today and boyfriend starts a little later than I, it’s his responsibility to go to the laundrette today

I’ve never seen him so disgruntled and resentful about having to do this “work”

(I also had to explain to him twice how I ordered the laundry in the bag and that he please NOT tumble dry certain blouses and basically, pray with me that my laundry survives this experiment)

i had to sacrifice my last day of my holiday because one of my collegues was sick and I had to go to work


Have some impressions from my little holiday!

My father and I drove all the way to the south of Germany, to the Kaiserstuhl, which is a range of hills a bit north of the Black Forest. My father had booked a guided hiking tour, which means that we were 20 people (plus our tourist/hiking guide) who had never seen each other before, and, as could be expected, I was the youngest in the group. The average age without me was maybe 60 years, but nevertheless, all of us loved hiking!

We did some easier tours in the beginning; we walked a few kilometres along the River Rhine, and had a guided tour through the city where our hotel was located (lovely food, but the service was dreadful). Then the first “proper” tour - 200 metres in height directly upwards! My calves hurt so much, but I managed. The next days were still taxing, but yes, I wasn’t the slowest. The very last tour was the most strenous one, as we hiked up to the highest point of the Kaiserstuhl - a hill called “Totenkopf”, which, yes, means ‘skull’ in English. But surprisingly, I survived that tour too - the one pic with my sweaty face is the proof!

Oh, and yes. We basically all stole about two pounds of grapes per person during our hiking tours, because you just … needed to stop and pick them from the vines. And then we also had a wine tasting session where we all realised that the fermented version of the grapes tasted even better!




Let’s all talk about how good Thorin is with kids.

  • Babies love Thorin because he doesn’t get in their faces and squeal about how cute they are and overstimulate them. And when they’re cranky and tired he’ll take them and sway them a bit and they’re asleep in no time.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Let’s begin with another winner - Dwalin.

  • Dwalin hasn’t been given a choice as to whether or not he should strive to be good with kids. Kids instinctively love him.
  • Seriously. Tiny tots who are just barely crawling will drag themselves over to him and pull on his bootlaces until he picks them up for a snuggle.
  • Older dwarflings will hang on his arms like he’s a tree or jump on his back or just stand in front of him with their arms outstretched shouting, “UP!” until he obliges them. And he always does. 
  • Cue mortified parents running up and pulling their kids away, issuing a thousand apologies that their little ones disturbed his most respected self. Dwalin’s all gruffly merciful, but when the little ones turn around to wave bye-bye, he’ll respond accordingly, and give them a smile.
  • Most grown dwarves are terrified of Dwalin. Fili and Kili can’t understand why because he always plays with them and when he’s over the house he tucks them in at night and gives them a kiss. Lucky for all involved Dwalin likes kids - who can resist a big-eyed, fat-cheeked youngling with a baby beard who wants to play pat-a-cake?

Kids can tell that Dwalin will scare away the meanies.


Don’t talk to me about how Thorin raised Fili and Kili.

Talk to me about how Dis did it.

Talk to me about how she raised them by herself while her older brother worked to get their kingdom back. Talk to me about how when Thorin made sure Fili understood his role as heir, Dis made sure he still had the chance to be a child.

Talk to me about she was always there to kiss their boo-boos better and keeps a big bed to make sure all three of them will fit when one son has a nightmare.

Tell about how Dis raised her boys to fight, standing out in the middle of the practice ring, showing them both how to hold a sword. Or how she gets lost in her memories when Kili picks up a bow, looking too much like the Uncle he never got to know.

Or about how she was the one who taught them to hunt and smiled so wide it hurt her cheeks when Kili caught his first rabbit. And how she teaches them how to clean and cook their kills.

Tell me about the boys wanting to learn smithing and Dis taking them to see Thorin work and bursting with pride when Fili takes to it like a fish to water. And how she shows Kili how to fletch his own arrows when he doesn’t.

Talk to me about how she made the best birthday cakes and the best swords for her sons.

Talk to me about Fili inheriting her looks and Kili getting her mischievous spirit.

Talk to me about how Dis, their mother, was vitally important to the boys turning out like they did. Talk to me about how she birthed them but they gave her life after she’d known so much death.